Ending the Silence is a free, evidence-based, 50-minute session designed for middle and high school students. Your students will learn about mental health conditions through a brief presentation, short videos, and personal testimony from a young adult who describes their journey to recovery.



The online version is identical to the in-person version, but offered exclusively via online video, accessible anytime through the Ending the Silence website. Note: The online version is offered in situations where no local presenters are available.

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Mental health basics

Learn the basics of mental health as well as the symptoms and warning signs of mental health conditions and suicide.

How to end the silence

Talking to a trusted adult can help students, their friends, and their family members who may need support.

They're not alone

Middle and high school students are not alone. Help is out there, and support and treatment is available.


Thank you for coming to my school and sharing your story. You have changed my life forever. The things you explained about your depression relate to how I feel. When I got home, I immediately talked to my parents and hopefully I will get some help.

— High school student

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1. Request a NAMI Ending the Silence presentation

We'll ask for your contact information, your school or organization name, the grade level(s) of your students and where you're located.

2. Schedule presentation

Ending the Silence works best with live presenters, so when we connect with you we will schedule a presentation at that time.

3. Or…. get online access

If we don't have any available Ending the Silence program leaders., we'll give you access to the online version of Ending the Silence within 7 days. You'll have access to the online version for the remainder of the school year.

The online version includes: a 25-minute video created by an award-winning digital content agency; a library of personal stories told by a diverse group of young adults; additional videos covering important topics like treatment, self-harm, and coping skills; and teacher, student and family resources.

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